Myths About Sex: Setting the Record Straight for Teens About Physical Intimacy

Teenagers have enough to deal with without having to guess what is true and what is not. Unfortunately many teens base their opinions and therefore decisions about sex on false information. Here are some of the more popular myths and the truth behind them.

The Bandwagon Myth

Many teens honestly believe that everyone other than them is having sex. The fact is that it is about half and half when it comes to teens having sex. There is a trend of young teens waiting to have sex until they are at least seventeen.

Parents need to tell their teens that other teens sometimes lie and say they are having sex when they are not. Teens need to know that it is not what others seem to be doing that should have an effect on their decision making; it is what they believe is right for them personally that is important.

The Everyone Can Tell Misconception

Some teens are afraid that others can tell they are not sexual active by looking at them. Point out to the teenager that there is no flashing sign over his or her head. Explain that many teens who seem experienced may in fact have no first hand knowledge of sex at all. Teens should be made aware that the only thing people can tell about them are the things they let people know.

The Myth About STD

Some teenagers believe it is only possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) if they are having unsafe sex with multiple partners. The truth is that STDs can be passed without intercourse. While having multiple partners ups the risks it is not the only way to get infected. Even with a single partner the risk is there. Teens should talk to their doctors to get the truth about STDs.

The Blue Balls Myth

Almost every woman has heard this myth. Yes, there is some discomfort for a guy who gets all revved up and does not have sex. The truth is that the condition will work itself out. The guy can take care of it all by himself if he wants. This condition will not kill him and is harmless.

The Girls Don’t Pressure Misconception

This misconception has no basis whatsoever in reality. There are in fact, guys who do not want to have sex but get pressured by their girlfriends. Every person is different; some girls are more insistent than others. Likewise, some guys are more inclined to let things go as they will without pushing.

What’s not True About Masturbation

Many teens have been told that masturbating can cause a range of side effects including blindness. Some are also led to think that masturbation is the mark of a lonely pervert. The truth of the matter is that masturbation is considered healthy in males and females. It is a safe way to experiment with what feels good.

The “You Can’t Get Pregnant If” Myths

Listen up teenage girls, these myths are totally false. Pregnancy is possible while having a period. Condoms and hormonal birth control methods can indeed fail. The only way it is possible to have sex and definitely not get pregnant is if the woman is already pregnant. Otherwise, if a girl is having sex she can get pregnant.

There are many other myths surrounding sex. It is wise to sort fact from fiction in these matters. Most important is to make decisions based on what is best for the individual. Decision making based on myths, rumors, and peer pressure can lead to regret.