Is It Safe To Use Spanish Fly?

This article answers the most popular question about the most popular aphrodisiac produced by one of the most popular insects in the world.

Have you ever ever heard of the Spanish Fly? It’s a widely known aphrodisiac that has been stated to work magic!
Well, back in the ancient times, it was an “aphrodisiac”.
Nowadays, it is no longer in use.
To be honest, it’s even banned in a lot of places around the world especially the Western countries like France and Denmark.

But first, before we take a look at its safety and effects, permit me to digress a bit and the you everything there is, about this aphrodisiac.

Important Facts About Spanish Fly

Spanish fly is gotten from the spanish fly aphrodisiac (note the variation).

The Spanish fly is an insect that belongs to the group of insects called blister beetles. Its a green colored insect that is found in parts of Europe and also Asia, with some found in Siberia.

The blister beetles are so called because they secrete a chemical substance known as Cantharidin, which produces severe blisters on the surface of the skin if there is contact with it and has also been used throughout history to cure a number of illnesses.

Apart from that, they — and most notably, Spanish fly — have been mainly used as an aphrodisiac to stimulate the genitals.

The Cantharidin produced by the Spanish fly was gotten in two ways: from from the amount secreted to insect’s body, or by drying and crushing them.
Safe Or Not?

Although cantharidin is used by doctors and scientists for curing a number of things, it’s essentially a very potent poison and all that it does is to irritates genitals and this led to humans believing that it would actually help them aroused. But the truth behind this irritation was revealed and showed to be dangerous. It also had numerous side effects, if used in uncontrolled amounts.
Additionally, it did not really work as expected (as a drug), but as a vesicant which could potentially harm the skin and internal organs, so basically human beings had been risking their lives through the use of Spanish fly, which is rather sad.

Side Effects

The effects of using Spanish fly wrongly on the internal body organs are numerous.

A few of them are:

• Severe abdominal pain
• Kidney destruction
• Irritation of the urethra (this is how it does its “work”)
• Eroding of the mucosa (lining) of the organs especially the gastrointestinal tract
• Internal bleeding
• Migraines

The eventual death of the affected person is usually inevitable, in most of the cases of Cantharidin poisoning.

So, in case you are asking if it’s safe to use Spanish fly or not, the definite answer would be to only take controlled amounts of Cantharidin with a doctor’s guidance, so as to have help at hand in case of an emergency.
However, there are other libido boosting products these days made from aphrodisiacs, which have similar names as Spanish fly, but with different composition and ingredients.