Set the right mood with Spanish Fly

What makes up sexual mood? What puts a person into a particularly receptive mindset as far as sex is concerned? Well, believe it or not just because that female wants to have sex with you now, does not necessarily mean that she would want to have sex with you later on in the future.

You see sexual mood, just like your regular moods, tend to fluctuate. They go up and down over time. You have to keep this in mind because there are many components to sexual mood. It involves a time, place, setting and most importantly triggers. People actually think in autopilot to some extent. They just need to see certain cues or triggers and they save a lot of biochemical, physical energy as well as willpower, trying to figure things out based on first principles. They look at a situation and as long as they can see certain elements that is good enough for them. They can take default or automatic action based on the presence of those signals.

You see how this works? This also applies to sexual mood. You just have to see certain triggers and it is very easy for your libido to change for the better.

How to enhance or trigger sexual mood

If you want to take things into your own hands and actually trigger a sexual mood, pay attention to timing, setting, decoration and your wide range of triggers. In other words, pay attention to yourself. Keep a journal and you would see certain patterns. You would see that in certain times of the day you are more likely to be emotionally aroused in terms of sex.

Emotional arousal needs accurate tracking. Why? Oftentimes, we assume we know ourselves but it turns out we don’t know ourselves all that well. We assume too much. We expect too much. We make all sorts of leaps and we are left in the lurch. It turns out that we are simply filling in the gaps and we are reading too much into things and when it comes down to it we are left clutching an empty bag.

Emotional arousal requires the kind of introspection and personal honesty and authenticity that scares most guys. Most would prefer to be scared little boys deep down inside. They would rather dismiss the big issues and the big challenges in their lives through denial and all too comfortable and numbing fictions, myths, and delusions. Sadly, if you want to get laid, none of these would help you. You have to base your game on reality. You would have to base it on actual emotional arousal and this requires paying close attention to yourself and truly knowing yourself without going on auto pilot or engaging in lazy self-delusions.

You can also look at the setting and location. Do you get excited in the library? Or do you get excited in your bed? Decoration is also very important because they send all sorts of signals. They are not as big as a formal triggers but ultimately they can be quite effective as well.

A little word about triggers, they are mental in nature. They are concepts that you do not necessarily have to front of you. You do not necessarily have to be able to process them with your senses. Oftentimes, a memory is enough. Triggers are important because through your willpower and your ability to read into things, you can amplify the power of a trigger so you can fix certain problems.

This is especially true if you are suffering from low libido. You can use physical triggers. What do they have in common? How do they operate? What specific forms do they take? Well, you can try clothing. Have you ever heard the old saying that if you want to feel like a million bucks, start dressing like somebody who is worth a million bucks. In other words, clothes can make the man. If you are aware of some commonly understood uniform for a success with the ladies, then a chain reaction takes place in your mind and somehow, someway you are able to find the resources and the time to produce with the right results.

Spanish Fly can also be a great physical trigger.  Because of its long history, you could read a lot on its positive effect as far as your sex life is concerned. Finally you can look into aphrodisiac foods. These are actually quite powerful. How come? You read a lot into these foods. You read meaning into them. You draw limitations. You imagine boundaries. You read into them your hopes and wishes.

This might sound all delusional but there’s actually a lot of power involved. Why? The moment you define something you can make it really powerful or really weak. In other words, you practice your power of editing your personal reality. This is a powerful and almost inexhaustible source of personal power.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use this power intentionally, clearly, and on point? Wouldn’t it be awesome to finally break free of all your self-imposed limitations by simply focusing on a physical trigger and predictably getting a boost? Well, you can with aphrodisiac foods and other physical triggers with all sorts of historical and traditional readings and reputations. You just need to believe in the conventional wisdom surrounding them and you get to get out from under whatever limiting beliefs you have about many of your abilities and desires.

Never underestimate the power of triggers. We are constantly reading meaning into our world. If we only chose to be more mindful about this process, maybe the process can work for us instead of against us. Instead of thinking that life is unfair or the sex game is stacked against you, by simply working with your mind’s triggers and associations, you can set up your success with the ladies in a way where every victory leaves you more and more confident. Spanish fly can start that process. Get on that upward spiral of sexual confidence today.

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